Carli Norris has some exciting news from her Vintage Boutique in Colchester, with the launch of her brand new range of Vintage inspired Bridal gowns.

Chocodolly Brides will glide down the aisle wearing beautifully unique dresses designed by Carli and hand made in Essex.


“It all happened quite by accident” says Carli, “My now husband and I were planning on running away to Brighton to get married last June! It was just going to be us and a couple of friends so I hadnt decided if I was going to have a Wedding dress. At the time I was filming Holby City, and one afternoon between scenes and I found my self designing a dress on the back of my script”.

“I took my drawings to a friend of mine who is a Westend costumier, and with her help we created my wedding dress”.


Since last Summer Carli's Colchester Vintage Boutique Chocodolly has been quietly taking orders. “we sold six in the first few months without even trying!” Carli Laughs, “I didnt want to put my dress in a box in the loft at home and forget about, so I put it on a Mannequin in the shop, and then people started asking for them.”


The uniqueness of the gowns is what people are attracted too, they are designed to be multi functional. In some cases three seperate pieces designed for the bride to help her make maximum impact on her special day, and rather than putting them in the loft to gather dust afterwards, these skirts and tops can  be worn for other occasions.


Chocodolly dresses are designed to give the bride exactly what she wants, with a price tag that will shock (in a good way!) - Dresses start from £795.00.


For more information or to book an apointment with Chocodolly please call 01206 562961 or email
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