The heat is on!

It’s been a summer to beat all summers so far, and the children haven’t even broken up from school! Dom and I have been so busy in the shop, stocking the shelves and sorting out what’s coming next... we are really excited to be working on our own range of fabrics and t shirt designs! 

Amongst all the hustle and bustle we have accidentally (I say that in jest, but this was never meant to be a real project) sold 7 bridal gowns! All designed by me and handmade in Essex, the gorgeous gowns are made up of 2 pieces- a top and skirt (naturally with pockets!) in the most beautiful cream and gold rose fabric. I’ve been so excited about designing them that I have tried my hand at several other designs which I’m putting into production as we speak!

next on the agenda- my slash-neck vintage tops in the softest jersey fabric. We’re really hoping to grow our own handmade label so keep your eyes peeled for more and do pop in for a chat if you’d like to book an appointment for our bridal wear and to see our new designs! 

Love Carli 

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