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Let's talk about underwear...

well, Christmas has been and gone, we ate all the pies and now we're all striving to get back into those dresses we wore last year. Well, I'm here to tell you a secret- I've been wearing my corset since January and I'm having to pull in my swing dresses at the waist!

Corsets have come a long way since you last tried one, they come in all shapes an sizes, from under-bust waist trainers to over bust (extremely pretty) full length corsets that look amazing inside or outside your clothes!

They take a bit of getting used to but once you have been fitted they make your life a whole lot easier! My favourite corset designer from the high street is What Katie Did. Their website is pretty easy to navigate and they have a fabulous collection- even helping you out with measuring yourself correctly.

Elsa corset from What Katie Did

For those who want the comfort of free movement but still want to avoid the dreaded bra bulge, I always recommend to my customers that they try a long-line bra or better still a Merry Widow- my absolute favourite go-to piece for giving me the best silhouette under a wiggle dress or simply to cinch in my waist under a swing dress. you can adjust or take off the straps (a godsend for off-the-shoulder dresses and tops and create a beautiful line. I'm currently designing my own line of dresses and the first thing I look at is the correct underwear. Most modern dresses, even reproduction vintage dresses are softer fabric and constructed in a more rounded fashion across the bust. While this is a more universal fit, I don't think it gives a true vintage silhouette. This can be easily rectified with a fabulous bullet bra or spiral-bound strapless bra. Make it your goal this year to splash out on some decent construction!

Another thing.... If you're going shopping PLEEEEEASE wear a decent bra! In fact, try to wear what you would be wearing under your dress- If you're shopping for an occasion you want to see what the dress will look like in its finest form. Ive had to tell quite a few customers off for trying to squeeze into a gorgeous frock while squashing her assets, that have been hurriedly bundled into an unsupportive, greying too-big bra. Ladies, those bra straps have a special adjustment hook for a reason- tighten them up! If your favourite bra has seen better days go out and get measured for a fresh new one. A well fitting bra is sometimes all you need to transform your figure. (I once witnessed a customer wearing a feeding bra- and her child was 8 years old!)

So check out What Katie Did now (if you sign up to be a subscriber you get £10 off a next order!) They have a fabulous curve range. Below are some shots of the gorgeous Geaorgina Horne, a plus size pinup, wearing a waist corset- the beauty of this is you can wear your bra separately. You can see the effect it has on the dress!

I think you may get addicted, like me! You may also find yourself shopping for smaller size dresses and skirts once you have found your perfect match. Good Luck!

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