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Our VintageBelle Rachel Bogg on becoming our April covergirl!

Rachel Bogg is no stranger to Chocodolly. Since we opened, she's been a regular customer and attended our vintage events. She even came with her beau to our Model Search so she's no stranger to our camera! Recently she came to the Chocodolly Marvellous Meet up and looked stunning in her Collectif Pearl coat that she purchased from us in December. With her hair immaculately rolled and her fluttering eyelashes, she soon caught the eye of our special guest Miss Whiskey Twist who happened to be judging our Miss Chocodolly competition. Whiskey called three lovely vintage gals up onto the stage and picked her winner.

Rachel was then whisked away to our pinup parlour where we gave her a makeover, curled her hair and dressed her in our new High Street Bridal range- and we were all delighted with the results! Here we ask Rachel all about her vintage style and how she felt about being our covergirl...

Rachel, you always look fabulous- how long have you been into vintage and what started you? Since May 2015, and it was actually Carli's sister that I bought my first dress from, (Carli's sister, Sophia, owns Pocketwatch and Petticoats in Bury St Edmunds with her husband- vintage runs in the family!) at a Fair, in Hedingham Castle. So massive thankyou to her for convincing me to buy it.

What's your favourite shop and why? (We were fishing for compliments here, natch!) where do you shop most? Favoirite shop? Oooo that's a tough one... Of course Chocodolly, feel so welcome in there, and there is always something new to add to my collection! Even for just going in and having a chat with Carli, Dom or the lovely Suze well worth a visit that's for sure!

What's your favourite clothing brand? This genuinely is a hard question, because my Favourite dress and the one I always feel good in is a Voodoo Vixen. But I own a lot of Collectif! Hard to choose between the two!

Do you have a favourite item? why do you love it? where did you get it? My favourite every day item, is my Collectif Dolores dresses as they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. These have mainly been bought online, due to not many stores stocking them. However my Voodoo Vixen dress I bought from Carli isn't far behind (the black and white check one)

You're modelling a few wedding dresses for us- do you have a favourite? what sort of wedding dress would you wear if you were getting married again? I adored the lace one as it seemed more traditional and fitted me perfectly, absolutely stunning! And for the price tag, you really cannot go wrong. Such a perfect dress as it is still modern but also has the vintage feel. Now the 2nd one I tried on (long-sleeved) felt like it was a part of me. It felt odd taking it off, I'm guessing this is how it feels when you eventually find "the one dress" Was so lovely and simple yet beautiful, especially with the pearlescent effect, this also come with its own Petticoat! So if I was to buy one, I'd buy the lace one to get married in, and the pearlescent long sleeved to the evening part of the wedding. I would have to be greedy on this occasion that's for sure! I did also like the peach dress, as it was very dainty and sweet. But for me this would be something I would like to buy if I had bridesmaids. (That way I get to purchase all three!)

You won our covergirl competition because you were voted Miss Chocodolly at our Meet Up event. do you often dress up for social events? what's your key look, do you think? I did and I've never been as excited about something! Was a lovely evening and even managed to make a fellow vintage friend. Miss Whiskey Twist (who looked amazing BTW in her Bespoke Gown from chocodolly) picked me! Actually picked me, was gobsmacked to say the least! My key look tends to be off the shoulder dresses, flared, half up half down hair. Victory rolls are always key for me too. I tend to flick between the 40s and 50s styles. Depends on if my hair is playing nice on the day. I do try and get dressed up as often as possible, every event I go to I am especially!

How did it feel to win the covergirl competition and what did you think of the shoot? It felt amazing to win, and to be voted best dressed when there was so many beautiful ladies there that evening meant alot. The photo shoot was fabulous, Carli made me feel so welcomed and beautiful. I genuinely cannot thank her enough. So much I think she should start doing it a bit more I'd even pay for her to do a shoot because it was just perfect. Just to finish off, I want to say a huge Thank You to Carli! She was amazing on the day and managed to work miracles on me I can honestly say I felt so beautiful so much so I kept my make up on and went for a night out!

We're launching our fabulous high street Bridal range soon, so keep your eyes peeled on the website! If you're interested in viewing our range or having a dress made of your own, or perhaps having a fabulous photoshoot message us at info@chocodolly.co.uk and we can discuss appointments with you!

All photos owned by Chocodolly ltd. Make up, hair and photography by Carli Norris

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