A time-lapsed party plan...

September is always a busy month for us- with the girls going back to school and a new year of projects to organise, plus we have a birthday- My youngest, Lola had her heart set on a Hawaiian party for the end of the month. For her 10th birthday she wanted to invite the family and a few friends for a knees-up, Tiki-style! We set about designing invites, we bought coconut drinking cups, started on a playlist, and Lola designed her dream Polynesian dress while I got to work on designing a sarong wrap-style gown for myself!

The party was very well organised and little Lola was getting very excited. Then the news broke out- Boris announce only wanted us to gather in groups of SIX from the following monday- just 5 days away.

When I announce the news to Lolly she broke down, vowing never to vote Tory (like it's their fault- but I quite agree!) and her little heart broke. I decided there was nothing else for it but to move the party to this Saturday- meaning I had 2 days to re-organise guests, food, drink, games and the garden- not to mention knocking up the two dresses we had designed...

It's not often that one gets challenged like this. But, rising to said challenges are my bag. Of course, everything else had to wait until I had made the dresses (tee hee). Friday night saw the last of the hand finishing to these pretty dresses and Saturday meant all we had to do was shop, cook and run the vaccuum around. Dom was fabulous- raking the lawn, weeding, painting fences and arranging tables and chairs meaning we could all still socially distance. Thankfully, all but one guest could re-arrange and they started arriving at 3pm. Oh, did I not tell you- Lola had no idea! Luckily she was staying with her dad for the days leading up to the event and we had organised for them to 'drop in' and borrow a dress for the beach under the pretence on a mini photoshoot.

Everyone gathered quietly in the dining room as I let her try on her new dress and then ordered her to take a look in the downstairs mirror. She entered the room to a rousing "SURPRISE" from all of our lovely friends dressed in their brightest hawaiian garments and I promise you I have never seen a childs reaction like it- her scream drowned out the verse of 'happy birthday' and she couldn't speak for at least a minute!

Everyone congregated to the patio where we served Pina Coladas, a delicious spread of

hawaiian pizza, rice and peas, asparagus in lemon dressing, Spinach and pesto pie (a delicious treat for all) and the obligatory cheese and pineapple on sticks (my classic vintage amuse-bouche of choice!)

As the afternoon sun set, the limbo competition wound up, after my second outfit change and the guests started to leave, I surveyed the garden and the beautiful memories we had just created, despite the current situation, I realised that not every party needs months of planning. As long as you have good friends, a few drinks and some fabulous music, you can turn any occassion into a vintage celebration.

Now, back to work! I have 2 Patreon videos to film, a dress pattern to finalise and several hours of paperwork looming. I just wish I hadn't drunk an entire box of red wine to myself! aarrrrgggh!

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