Bertha is going out-out. Dressed in a beautiful hand sewn satin wiggle dress with matching opera coat, She ready to paint the town red with her girl gang. Her gorgeous purple hair compliments her green eyes and she's accessoried with a fifties style hat, clutch bag and shoes. She even shows off her rose tattoos and wear tiny diamond studs. A premium deluxe doll, one of a kind and certainly the most luxurious doll we have this week!


MOTHER'S DAY CARD! Since we are celebrating Mother's day soon, she will come with a card (optional) either for Mum, Mum-in-law or Nan. please let us know when you have pruchased her which you would like included free of charge this week! 

She comes boxed in pink tissue with her certificate. If you would like her back story printed off you can purchase it here and add to your order!


 Handmade, slightly wonky, fully posable body with hand painted face. Do not get wet. Do not feed after midnight. Keep away from kids and pets! stands roughly 28 cms.

These fairies have been known to come alive at night and create all sorts of mischeif!


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Bertha Vamoos (Deluxe)