**Tree fairies come with no legs so they can top your tree comfortably**
Betty didditt- the biggest grass around. If something happens behind your back, you can bet your bottom dollar Betty knows who's responsible and will tell you- so if you suspect anything, leave her in the room where its happening and you'll be wiser by the morning.
Fully posable, each doll stands roughly 28-30cms high.These are handmade, hand sewn, unique dolls. No two are the same and they may have wonky legs, slippy stitching and bumpy boobs but they are made to be loved and cherished, not played with by children or pets. Chocodolly take no responsibility for household objects being defaced or fiddled with when the fairies come alive at night. They love posing on facebook and instagram in all sorts of places and positions so do share the photos with @chocodolly_carlinorris!

Betty Didditt (Tree Fairy)