Cornelia is another Trixi Pixie, always playing practical jokes and hiding herself in houseplants. She loves playing hide-and-seek with other Pin Up Pixies. obsessed with brading hair, don't be surprised to find her hair changing from time to time.

The Flower Fairies this week have all arrived fresh from their year of horticultural studies at the Chelsea Flower Show (which didn't happen due to COVID but gave them time to really study and they have all passed with high grades!)

They love to be surrounded by fresh flowers and plants, like having their pictures taken in the garden and ADORE perfume.

All fairies are hand sewn and hand painted and are bespoke. A one-off so please don’t expect the same as someone else! They have wonky legs, mismatched stitching, but are made with so much love! Chocodolly take no responsibility for damage to the house when the fairies come alive at night. They are roughly 30cms high with fully posable bodies. Please keep away from children and pets! They come wrapped in a box with their certificate x

Cornelia Littlebottom