Our Glamour Girls all had their photoshoot in the marvellous Old Heath Hall this week and are getting ready to party!


Diana is the hostess of our ball, gathering together a group of glamourous pixies for a night of fun. She often organises grand parties for the rich and famous. She once hosted a party for the crooning pixie Frank Sonata and found herself the centre of attantion amongst the rat pack, although she can't bear rats ever since she was cornered by a Rat King at her former owners house. That's why she has come to Essex to look for a new glamorous abode.


She comes boxed in pink tissue with her certificate. If you would like her back story printed off you can purchase it here and add to your order!


 Handmade, slightly wonky, fully posable body with hand painted face. Do not get wet. Do not feed after midnight. Keep away from kids and pets! stands roughly 30 cms.

These fairies have been known to come alive at night and create all sorts of mischeif!


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Diana Draws (Deluxe)