Florida is an actress, rising to fame in her particularly racy episode of Columbo, whereby she was the first character in the program who spent a whole scene completely naked. No one noticed though, as she was on the shelf behind the fishtank, but her pixie friends saw and before long the stills had made the centrefold in PlayPixie magazine. Hand sewn red velvet gown, diamantes drip from her ample bosom.


All fairies are hand sewn and hand painted and are bespoke. A one-off so please don’t expect the same as someone else! They have wonky legs, mismatched stitching, but are made with so much love! Chocodolly take no responsibility for damage to the house when the fairies come alive at night! They are roughly 30cms high with fully posable bodies. Please keep away from children and pets! They come wrapped in a box with their certificate x

Florida St Cloud (deluxe)