Madison Goodinbed is from a long line of Goodinbeds, famed for their hostess charms. Her Grandmother was the first ever Pin Up Pixie Bunny Girl and graced the centrefold og Playboy Pixie magazine back in the sixties. She is dressed in a hand sewn velvet bunny outfit, sparkly shoes and a sign that reads "Bend me over backwards on my hostess trolley"- a nod to her favourite performer, the great Victoria Wood.

For your own bespoke bunny, please see our other items where you can create your own hairstyle.


 Handmade, slightly wonky, fully posable body with hand painted face. Do not get wet. Do not feed after midnight. Keep away from kids and pets! These fairies have been known to come alive at night and create all sorts of mischeif! BESPOKE REQUESTS All the fairies can be made to your specifications, materials permitting- simply email us and tell us the hair colour you would like etc and we will get back to you!

Madison Goodinbed (Deluxe)