Millie loves her DIY. Her latest passion is wallpapering. She's got her time down to a whole room in just 2 hours so far. One day she would like to start a female only decorating company, specialising in vintage style homes. She is equipped with her trusty pasting brush and a role of vintage wallpaper. Her gorgeous blouse and matching hair scarf was made by her best friend Pamela Bordeley.  She comes boxed in pink tissue with her certificate. If you would like her back story printed off you can purchase it here and add to your order!  Handmade, slightly wonky, fully posable body with hand painted face. Do not get wet. Do not feed after midnight. Keep away from kids and pets! stands roughly 28 cms.These fairies have been known to come alive at night and create all sorts of mischeif! Please take pictures and share on social media- don't forget to tag us to keep us in the loop!Facebook- Chocodolly, Instagram: chocodolly_carlinorris

Millie Goodlove