Mo is a shepherdess from the beautiful hills of Wales and together with her two sisters, Bo and Flo, she sings by night for all the fine gentlemen of her country. Their Close part harmony songs depict the naughtiness they get up to with the shepherds from the next village after dark. 

Mo carries the high notes of the tune, as she has a very squeaky voice- a trait that befell her after swallowing her sheepdog whistle one dark and stormy night after being goosed by her then boyfriend, Bobby the Elf.


She comes boxed in pink tissue with her certificate. If you would like her back story printed off you can purchase it here and add to your order!


 Handmade, slightly wonky, fully posable body with hand painted face. Do not get wet. Do not feed after midnight. Keep away from kids and pets! stands roughly 28 cms.

These fairies have been known to come alive at night and create all sorts of mischeif!


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Mo Peep (Deluxe)